Bernie battles Clinton… and the corporate media

Monday, March 14, 2016   |   Posted by Jim Hightower
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A political contagion is sweeping across our land, spread by America's corporate media outlets.

Its name is "media bias," and it's slapping Bernie Sanders wherever he goes. At first, the media mocked his run for the White House as a joke, declaring that no one would support a democratic-socialist senator campaigning on issues of inequality, corporate greed, and big money corruption of government. But – wow! – at each of his rallies, tens of thousands of supporters flocked to hear him.

Well, hruumped the anti-Bernie media, he can't raise the money to be a serious contender. But – wow! – millions of ordinary Americans donated an average of under $30 each to create a $100-millon, people's campaign fund to back Sanders. Well, snapped the media snipers, his supporters are young people and alienated working-class people who won't turn out to vote. But – wow! – they are turning out, helping him win victories from New Hampshire to Colorado, Oklahoma to Michigan.

Well, the dismissive media huffed, Sanders is losing African-American voters to Hillary Clinton, so he hasn't packaged the whole Democratic constituency it takes to win. But – wow! – he is winning the votes of young African-Americans, as well as getting overwhelming majorities from all voters under-30, independents, and progressives. That's a pretty good package – and it also shows that Clinton doesn't have the whole package, either.

Still, the contagion spreads. Even with Sanders' impressive come-from-behind victory in Michigan, the media hruumpers kept inventing negatives. One website mocked their bias with this satirical headline: "Can Bernie Recover From His Devastating Win In Michigan?

It's hard enough to run against Clinton's Wall Street-financed machine without having the corporate media pile on, too. But – wow! – Bernie just keeps going.

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